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Infinite flavours

13/04/2009 11:29


Sometimes we meet the essence in things, and we can share that connection with others. In cooking, we're manifesting food for one another, and this could come out of love and generosity rather than a sense of duty or obligation. Infinite flavours are in all of us...




- two small packages of cream (200ml plus 200ml)

- one cup of sugar

- 500gr strawberries


1- Wash the strawberries.  

2- Cut them and take the leaves.  

3- Stir the cream with the sugar.

4-Smash the strawberries.

5- Filter the strawberries' paste.

6- Stir the cream with sugar and the strawberries.

7- And there it is... You can eat it as ice-cream or mousse. 



                                                                              Leonor Cristina Santos

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